Faulkner Electric began serving the west coast of Florida in 1973. Bill and Valerie Faulkner founded the family-owned business in Port Richey, Florida while serving the surrounding communities. The couple, having young children at the time, endured the difficulties of starting a new business while raising a family.

The Faulkners quickly became the premier electrical contractors for the communities they served. Honest work and integrity kept the business thriving, and Bill and Valerie were one of the first couples to work together in the field as a team. With much pride, Faulkner Electric, Inc remained a family owned and operated business with the addition of their son, Billy. Having worked with his parents for many summers and after graduation, Billy is now the second-generation master electrician and owner.

Today, in 2021, Bill and Valerie are content to be behind the scenes in their retirement, cheering on the next generations of Faulkner Electric. Billy’s daughter, Abbie, joined the business as the office manager and electrician in training to continue the business for generations to come. As a team, Billy and Abbie continue to maintain the same level of commitment of service to the community as Bill and Valerie have provided through the years. Our family is thankful for over 48 years of continued service to our satisfied customers.

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